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Mediation Services
If you are looking to resolve a matter civilly without going to court, and paying expensive court and attorney fees, then mediation may be an option for you.  Our mediation services are confidential, empowering, and affordable.  Typical mediation sessions last from 2-4 hours. Don’t wait until tomorrow to resolve an  issue, do it today! 
Common issues that we mediate: 
*Business disagreements
*Landlord/Tenant matters
*Bullying matters (non-physical)
*Neighbor disagreements
*Domestic Partner matters
*Breach of Contract
*Co-parenting matters
*Employee matters
*Parent/Child conflicts
*Creditor disagreements  
Once a resolution is agreed upon by both parties, the Mediator will prepare an agreement, at the parties request to sign and date. Additionally, the parties may request for the Mediator to assist them with preparing a more formal, or binding agreement.
Additionally, we offer Marital Mediation services which is an alternative to filing for divorce.  This service is available to any couple who desires to regain interdependency with one another, and save their marriage.  Couples are able to resolve issues that are affecting their marriage through supportive coaching  and guidance from a certified Mediator.
We offer mediation sessions in-person at our office located at 29970 Technology Drive, Suite 117-A, Murrieta, CA 92563.