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Why Freelance Paralegals Are Invaluable To Law Firms


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Bankruptcy Paralegal Murrieta, CA

20% Off on Estate Planning Services

Why Freelance Paralegals Are Invaluable To Law Firms

Let's face it, in this economy the utilization of independent contractors is beginning to be the "new normal'' in the world of business.
Law offices utilize independent contractors with a vast majority of services that are offered to clients, i.e. deposition services, courier services, process servers, virtual receptionist, private investigators, coffee runners, and paper shredding vendors. But what aboutParalegals
Here are some reasons why you should utilize us:

Interdependence Outshines Humility

Recently, TMZ posted an article about Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli's amicable divorce proceedings.  No spousal support, shared custody of their children, and they created a joint bank account to fund their kids education and personal needs. So why did I post this story? 
I find this story encouraging and empowering because you never hear or read about positive divorce proceedings in the media. 
This story proves that handling divorce proceedings in an amicable manner, highlights the interdependent spirit that children need to see from their parents during the separation and post divorce proceedings phase.

Mobile Legal Dcoument Assistant - Murrieta, CA

When you select a qualified mobile Legal Document Assistant, make sure that he or she is registered and bonded in the County where the services are performed, as the law requires. 
California Business and Professions Code 6400 (f)
A legal document assistant, including any legal document
assistant employed by a partnership or corporation, may not provide
any self-help service for compensation, unless the legal document
assistant is registered in the county in which his or her principal
place of business is located and in any other county in which he or

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